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Whitney over haar 'The Hills' collega's:
“I still talk to them every now and again—obviously, we’ve been part of such a big thing together, so we’re close in that way—but I was never too close with Audrina and Heidi.  But Lauren and I talk.  If anybody knows what I’m going through right now it’s her.”

Hoe is Whitney in aanraking gekomen met 'The Hills'?
“I had an interview [for an internship at Teen Vogue] and then got a phone call from MTV a couple of days later.  They were like, ‘We’re shooting this documentary-style TV show about girls growing up in L.A. and the fashion industry, blah blah blah’ and I was like, ‘OK that’s interesting, whatever.’ And the next thing I knew they wanted to cast me on the show.  But I was really just trying to get the job at Teen Vogue!”

Whitney over de jongens in New York vergeleken met LA:
“I was recently in L.A., and I couldn’t help but think, ‘Oh my gosh, everyone is kind of the exact same here.’ You have all these guys in the entertainment industry who are just trying to be smooth and super-cool.  The guys [in New York] are [still] trying to be cool—guys do that everywhere—but they’re more confident and they know what they want.”

Whitney over het omgaan met kritiek van media:

“I’ve never really noticed anyone giving me a hard time.  Maybe they are and I’m just naïve.  But I figure if I just stay true to myself and I am the Whitney that I’ve always been, people will look at me not as Whitney from the show, but as a human being.”

Trailer van het aankomende seizoen van MTV's hitserie, The City!

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